Swimwear Glossary


The Bikini is a two-pieced swimsuit designed to provide minimal coverage. View bikinis
One Piece
A one-piece swimsuit is designed to cover the women’s torso. It is usually skin-tight, providing maximum coverage. View one piece swimsuits
Cover Up
A cover-up is worn over a women’s swimsuit. View cover ups
The tankini (also known as tanqueray) is a bathing suit top that resembles a women’s tank-top. It will some times show the lower part of the stomach. View tankinis
Boardshorts are designed to be quick-drying, and are generally made from strong and smooth polyester or nylon material. View boardshorts
The monokini features large cut-outs at the sides, front and back. View monokini
A Swimdress is a one-piece swimsuit that is similar in appearance to a short dress. View swimdress

Top Styles

Halter Top
The halter-top is a style of strap. Featuring a single strap of material that runs from the front of the garment (on both sides) around the back of the neck, allowing the back to be uncovered. View halter tops
A Strapless top does not have material going over the shoulders. View strapless tops
A bandeau top is a shoulderless/sleeveless/strapless type of swimsuit top. View bandeau tops
A bra top usually resembles the “bra” and has a built-in underwire and padding. View bra tops
The Sweetheat top is stylized as the top of a heart and is low in the the middle. View sweetheart tops
A racer back Top is a style of top that crisscrosses at the back of the swimsuit. View racerback tops
Crop Top
A crop top is a style of a bikini top with added fabric. It often resembles a shirt that has been cut; laying at your mid section or higher. View crop tops
Bustier Bra Top
A bustier bra top is a style of top that is tight (it can be a little longer then your average bra top) and is often strapless. Some bustier tops have an underwire for added support. View bustier tops
The Asymmetrical Top is a style where there is only one strap going over the shoulder; leaving the other shoulder bare. View asymmetrical swimsuits

Bottom Styles

Bikini Bottom
The Bikini bottom is a style of bottoms typically pieced with a two-piece swimsuit. View bikini bottoms
Side Tie
A side tie bikini is a style of bikini bottoms, which ties at both sides. View side tie bottoms
Low Rise
Low rise bikini bottom is a style of bikini bottoms that often sits low at the hips. View low rise bikini bottoms
A cinched bikini bottom is a found down the middle of a bikini bottom. The “Cinched” is where the fabric is gathered by a parallel stitch. View cinched bottoms
A Brazilian Bikini Bottom is a style of a bikini bottom, often referring to the amount of fabric or rear coverage the styles brings. It has more fabric then a thong but less fabric as a normal style bikini bottom. View brazilian bottoms
A skirted swim bottom is a style of bottoms that have an attached bikini under the skirt. View skirted bottoms
High Waisted
High Waisted Bikini Bottom is a style of bottoms that sits more at your natural waistline. This style of bottoms often offers more coverage to your mid-section. High wasted bottoms are trending up for 2013 and look to see a lot more of them in 2014. View high waisted bottoms
Boy Shorts
Boy short bottoms are a style of bottoms that goes all the way down the hip. “Boy Shorts” are usually low rise provide medium coverage. View boy short bottoms


Bottoms Only
Bottoms only means the bottoms of a swimsuit are sold separately from the top of a swimsuit. This is nice if you want to mix and match different tops and bottoms. View swimsuit bottoms
Tops Only
Tops only means the top of a swimsuit is sold separately from the bottom of a swimsuit. View swimsuit tops
Complete Set
A complete set is when both the bikini top and bikini bottoms are both included together (sold as set). View complete sets


Fully Lined
A fully lined bikini is when the bathing suit is lined with material adding extra comfort and durability. View fully lined swimsuits
Removable Bust Cups
Removable Bust Cups is a feature where you can remove the padding from your bathing suit top. View swimsuits with removable bust cups
Removable Straps
Removable Straps is a feature to a swimsuit typically on a strapless or bandeau style top allowing you to remove the straps for a different look. View swimsuits with removable straps
Padded Top
A padded Bikini top is a feature where the padding is built in to the top of a bathing suit. (Typically not removable) View padded swimwear
Underwire Top
An underwire bikini top is a feature where an underwire is provided with the bathing suit top, adding more support. View underwire swimsuits
A reversible bikini is where the bathing suit can be worn either way. It will typically have different patterns, or colors on the reverse side. It's like getting two swimsuits for the price of one :) View reversible swimsuits
Push Up Top
A push up bikini top is a feature of a swimsuit top where the foam padding is built-in. View push up swimsuits
Think Padded Top
Thick padded bikini top is similar to a “push up bikini top”. Featuring extra foam padding, adding a larger size to the bust area. View thick padded swimsuits

Body Type

Large Bust
Large bust swimsuits are designed for women who are more voluptuous in the breast area. Typically for women who are a DD or bigger. View large bust swimsuits
Tummy Control
Tummy control swimsuits are often designed with a slimming fabric or a style of ruching down the middle of your stomach giving your body the appearance of looking smaller. View tummy control swimsuits
Plus Size
Typically plus sized swimsuits are designed with tummy control fabrics. These swimsuits usually have more coverage. View plus size swimwear
Maternity Swimsuits are designed for expecting mothers. These bathing suits provide support and proper coverage for the growing belly. View maternity swimwear
Small Bust
A small bust swimsuit is a style of swimsuit top designed for women with smaller cup sizes. View small bust swimsuits
Full Hips
A full hip swimsuit is a style of swimsuit bottoms designed to add additional coverage. View full hips swimsuits


A Ruched Swimsuit is a feature of a swimsuit where the fabric is often gathered together. View ruched swimwear
Ruffles are a gathering of fabric added as trim or decoration to a swimsuit. View swimwear that has ruffles
Fringe is an accent to a swimsuit where separate strips of fabric are hanging loosely off the swimsuit. View fringe swimsuits
A crochet swimsuit is different then your usual swimsuit. It offers a unique look often crafted with cotton using a needle with a small hook at the end. Typically the a crochet swimsuit is more revealing. View crochet swimsuits
Bows are an accent feature that is often sewed on the bathing suit. View swimsuits with bows
Beaded is an accent to a swimsuit where beads are added to the fabric or added to the strings of a swimsuit. View beaded swimsuits
Lace Swimsuit
Lace can either be added as an accent to a swimsuit or can be the actual fabric that the swimsuit is designed with. View lace swimsuits


Color Block
Color block is a pattern of two or more solid colors. For example: Black and white; Pink, Yellow and Orange and you get the point. View color block swimwear
Chevron is a inverted v-shaped pattern. View swimwear with a chevron pattern
Ombre is a variation of colors or tones that shade into each other. Usually, the pattern of colors fade from light to dark or vice versa. View ombre swimwear
Neon is a extremely bright color. If you ever watch an 80's / early 90's movie you will see plenty of people wearing plenty of neon. View neon swimwear